Go Global!

Student Exchange Programme provides an opportunity to students who wish to reach out and broaden their horizons. You will be able to meet new friends, improve communication and language skills, and experience a new lifestyle. Joining the exchange programme will be an invaluable experience in your life!

Chan Hiu Yuet @ Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands

Exchange study is a process of learning, growing and challenging. I have developed self-confidence and strengthened my problem-solving skills through my exchange study.

Siu Ngai Wang @ Universidad San Pablo-CEU, Spain

Studying abroad in Madrid, Spain provided me with an immersive cultural experience. Madrid is a vibrant city which renowned for its rich history, art, and culinary delights. Living there allowed me to fully immerse myself in the Spanish culture.

Leung Man Kit @ Nanzan University, Japan

I have fallen in love with the Japanese culture, especially about the ancient times in Nara and Japanese tea culture. I have bought a whole set of tea ceremony tools before coming back to Hong Kong.

Lo Hoi Ching @ Hanyang University, South Korea

One of my most memorable experiences in Hanyang University is joining the Family and Marriage course. With different cultural backgrounds, we shared our views on relationships during discussion which was inspiring.

Chan Cheuk Long @ University of Agder, Norway

My exchange experience had allowed me to discover who I am. Besides, I have become more independent and better at problem solving as there were a lot of issues that I had to face alone without others help. Overall, my exchange experience has contributed a lot to my personal growth.

Wong Lok Yan (far right) @ JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Exchange provides you to meet more new friends and broaden your horizons. You can see how different it is between Hong Kong and Finland in terms of culture, lifestyle, food and studies. It is possible to have regrets and obstacles and you must stay positive.