For international students who are unfamiliar with the lifestyle and culture of Hong Kong, it is the local students’ capability to lend a helping hand. At the same time, local students can use the opportunity to appreciate different cultures through making friends with inbound exchange students, to achieve several learning outcomes and to benefit from campus internationalisation without going abroad.

Responsibilities of a Buddy

  1. Greet inbound exchange students upon their arrival;
  2. Assist them to settle into residential colleges and help them with related registration;
  3. Introduce the neighborhood of the University and other parts of Hong Kong to inbound exchange students;
  4. Offer general guidance to the inbound exchange students during their stay in Hong Kong; and
  5. Assist in organising activities for inbound exchange students.


You will be able to learn to:

  1. Practise and speak another language;
  2. Make friends, often life-long friends from overseas;
  3. Appreciate life with a different cultural perspective;
  4. Be hospitable and caring;
  5. Enable the integration of inbound students with local students; and
  6. Promote internationalisation on campus.