Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Questions and Handbook

Arrival and Departure

Arrival – All incoming exchange students are required to attend the Orientation which usually starts a week before the beginning of the semester. Under the COVID-19 pandemic, students are required to arrive campus upon completion of the quarantine requirement stipulated by the HKSAR Government ( At the same time, students must produce a negative notification of PCR-based nucleic acid testing taken on the 12th day upon arrival at Hong Kong in order to access the campus.

Departure – Incoming exchange students must complete all programme requirements, examinations, assignments and clearance procedures before the semester ends in late Dec or in late May. Students must also observe the expiry date of the student visa granted by the HKSAR Government Immigration Department and designated stay period at the Residential College. If you decide to purchase a one-way ticket to Hong Kong, please be aware that the examination timetable is usually available in November/April for you to confirm your actual departure date.

Please check the Academic Calendar (HERE) before making your travel plans.

You are required to purchase insurance during your stay in Hong Kong with adequate coverage for travel, personal accidents, medical expenses (accident and non-accident), hospitalization and emergency evacuation/repatriation. You are required to submit proof of insurance coverage prior to arrival.

Remarks: If you plan to travel outside Hong Kong, you should make sure that your insurance policy covers your destinations as well.

Incoming exchange students are bound by the limit of stay stated in the student visa. Staying beyond the allowed period in Hong Kong will be considered as breaching the immigration regulations.

Please check your student visa and depart Hong Kong before the designated date.

Academic Matters

The module registration normally begins prior to semester commencement in July or December. Students can make changes in the registered modules during the module add/drop period i.e. the first two weeks of each semester.

Approvals from the departments concerned will be sought before module registration. The Registry will help register the approved modules for all incoming exchange students. There is no need for incoming exchange students to register modules by themselves.

The module list is available at the website (HERE). For the timetable, students can login the HSUHK intranet (MyHSUHK) and view the updated timetable when doing course selection.

Selected modules may not be available due to various reasons, e.g. full quotas, rejection from the department concerned, failure to meet the prerequisite, time clash with other selected modules, etc. If such situation happens, students will be suggested to choose other modules. The Registry will render necessary support to students.

After the release of examination results online, the Registry will arrange and send an official transcript to your Home University by post. Please contact if you have not received the transcript.

Student Accommodation & Meals

Yes, Residential Colleges (RCs) in HSUHK provides bed places for HSUHK students with most rooms on a 3-person sharing basis. Different genders are on different floors.

Incoming exchange students are welcome to stay in our RC during their study period in HSUHK. The RC is located at the Yuen Campus and the walking distance to class is around 5 minutes.

Application details will be sent to incoming exchange students with application deadline in mid-July for the 1st (Fall) Semester and in mid-Nov for the 2nd (Spring) Semester.

If you are assigned an on-campus bedplace, you will be informed by the RC Section through emails about move-in details. The move-in date of incoming exchange students is usually one week prior to class commencement. Students arriving earlier than the designated move-in date will have to find their own accommodation in Hong Kong.

No, the residential period of incoming exchange students is based on their study period in HSUHK. All students have to move out on or before the designated date.

You are required to vacate your room upon withdrawal/suspension, or any other case that results in inactive student status.

A fixed sum for a designated stay period in each semester will be charged. (Monthly rates available HERE for reference). The amount is fixed and there will not be any reimbursement if you do not occupy the entire designated stay period.

HSUHK Finance Office will send a debit note to your HSUHK student email account prior to your arrival in mid-Aug/early Jan. You are required to settle the total sum in FULL in CASH upon arrival or by Telegraphic Transfer (plus a transaction fee of HK$250) within a designated deadline. Credit card is not accepted.

Each student bedroom is equipped with loft beds with corner desks, chairs, wardrobes, ceiling fan, self- paid air-conditioning meter. Besides, each student bedroom has its built-in washroom and shower unit. For more details on RCs’ facilities, services and support, please click HERE.

No bedding items and towels will be provided by RC excluding the mattress. Students have to purchase their own.

Yes. Please click HERE for the latest details of the policy.

Yes, students can arrange their own accommodations off-campus but be aware that living outside the campus is extremely expensive and short time rental is not easily available.

No, students can eat at 2 canteens/cafeteria on campus or nearby in the neighborhood. The cost per meal approximately ranges from HK$40 to HK$80. A common room on each floor in RC is equipped with some simple cooking equipment, such as microwave oven and electric kettle, for re-heating the food.


According to Hong Kong Immigration Department, non-local exchange students of full-time and locally- accredited programmes at undergraduate level or above which necessitate study/curriculum-related internship and whose study period is not less than one academic year may take up study/curriculum-related internship but not part-time on-campus employment or summer jobs. Please see: